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Ramadan is a month of giving, and every year many organizations work endlessly to give back to the community through various means. This year, giving back has been slightly more challenging, as a result of Covid Restrictions and the necessary safety protocols put in place by the government. However, with enough determination, and the right parties involved, anything is possible. This year Sweetheart Kitchen, Stake, and Arco Contracting teamed together to provide 1200 iftar meals to construction workers.


Sweetheart Kitchen, the private label multi-brand virtual kitchen that launched in September 2019 in Dubai, just before the COVID Pandemic started the Drivers Meal Program earlier last year and promised to keep on giving back in partnership with Hala Taxi and other F&B partners. “At Sweetheart Kitchen we always believe in giving back, and run a Monthly Driver Meal Program where we provide food to delivery drivers within the food industry. This Ramadan we were given the opportunity to partner with the team at Stake to show support to the real estate industry, and together provided 1200 iftar meals to a number of the construction workers who have helped build our incredible city” said Adib Samara, VP Global Brand & Marketing for Sweetheart Kitchen.


The partnership between Sweetheart Kitchen and Stake is a great representation of two startups in various industries coming together to make an impact in the community. “We are very blessed to be in a position to support those who are less fortunate. As our businesses grow, I strongly believe so does our commitment to making an impact in the communities we serve. This is a responsibility we all need to place on ourselves, and today, we were happy to share that responsibility with Stake as we partnered to provide over a thousand meals to construction workers.” Mentioned Peter, Founder & CEO of Sweetheart Kitchen. There are many ways to give back to our community, and Sweetheart Kitchen and Stake joined forces to show one way in making that possible.



“We often take for granted how this amazing city was actually physically built. Our attention goes to the incredible growth, the world-class infrastructure and the beautiful esthetics of the Dubai skyline and shorelines. This Ramadan, we wanted to show our appreciation to the construction workers that make all of this a reality”, says Manar Mahmassani, Co-Founder Stake.


It was important for the team at Stake to focus on supporting the construction workers this Ramadan. Rami Tabbara , Co-Founder of Stake, highlighted that “We get caught up with all the numbers on the Real Estate market but we forget about the true heroes behind this industry, the construction workers. There would not be a market for Stake to participate in had it not been for them. Our partnership with Sweetheart Kitchen on this initiative is just a small way of giving back to them and showing them how important they are to the ecosystem.”



About Stake:

Stake is a digital real estate investment platform that recently launched in Dubai and allows anyone to invest in income-generating properties for as little as AED 2,000 in a matter of minutes. They make Real Estate investing simple, transparent and affordable, sourcing the best real estate deals in the market and handling all operations that come with property ownership.

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