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Going Behind the Scenes of Sweetheart Kitchen

Going Behind The Scenes Of Sweetheart Kitchen

As the need for food delivery continues to rise Sweetheart Kitchen is at the top of the food chain proving itself to be great throughout this pandemic going on worldwide. It is known as one of the best ghost kitchens located in Dubai and has plans to become the best ghost kitchen in Abu Dhabi and globally!

As Sweetheart Kitchen continues to expand with over 30 brands already under their belt such as Wingo, Bravo Avocado, Affordabowls and so many other varieties of food options for their thousands of customers to enjoy. Sweetheart Kitchen has plans to expand even further in the future as the worldwide pandemic comes to a cease.

Due to the pandemic, the profound kitchen has been forced to close some of the ghost kitchens in Kuwait due to the curfew that was put in place in June. However, it has not impacted their business in Dubai and since then this ghost kitchen has still remained one of the best ghost kitchens in Dubai, and will soon become the best ghost kitchen in Abu Dhabi, as the founder and CEO Peter Schatzberg has been working day and night to ensure the safety of the restaurant’s customers and employees.

Let’s dive in and see how this ghost kitchen has continued to rise and operate amidst the global pandemic and still remain to be rated one of the best ghost kitchens.

Contactless Delivery and Interactions

Since the pandemic, safety has been the number one priority of so many restaurants and businesses. Many places are limiting the number of customers inside a facility or not having any customers inside at all.

This is to protect the safety of everyone. Thankfully as ghost kitchens, we have been operating at limitless interactions since we opened. However, we are still taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and staff. We have increased our sanitation process and offer contactless delivery to limit physical interaction.

What are the Upsides of Ghost Kitchens?

There are a variety of great perks of operating as one of the best ghost kitchens in Dubai. Since the pandemic, many restaurants have been forced to close their doors and have lost so much money on renting out a large space where customers can not even occupy the space.

With our ghost kitchen, we also operate much quicker than traditional restaurants that offer delivery since this is what we primarily do day-to-day. Since Sweetheart Kitchen relies so much on technology we have created a well-rounded functioning system that works for our kitchen. Some of the major applications that we operate and deliver through include, but are not limited to:

  • Zomato
  • Talabat
  • Carriage

Other than being able to operate during the pandemic, our kitchen also has plenty of other benefits such as the low overhead cost as well as low start-up costs. Since our kitchens can operate virtually anywhere we also have the advantage of having a variety of locations all over Dubai, and soo in Abu Dubai.

Ghost Kitchens are Keeping the Restaurant Industry Functioning

Ghost kitchens have gained extreme popularity throughout 2020, but our kitchens journey into serving delicious food started in April of 2019. Long ago are the days where we could casually dine in a restaurant. It is predicted that even when the virus subsides that so many things are going to continue to stay the same when the virus ends. Food delivery has been at an all-time high and continues to rise.


Who is the Team Behind Sweetheart Kitchen?

The most prominent face behind Sweetheart kitchen is Peter Schatzberg, founder, and CEO, who has redefined the kitchen and restaurant system in Dubai to become one of the best ghost kitchens in the area.

Schatzberg has a lot of experience in the entrepreneurial game. He first joined the restaurant business in 2008 at Free Foods in New York City. Through this experience, lots of time, research, and hard work he formed his idea for a virtual kitchen in 2010.

Over time, the virtual kitchens started to grow as Schatzberg gained more knowledge and insights into how to run a virtual kitchen. However, the United States market was not quite prepared for a delivery-only kitchen concept so he moved his investing and plans to Dubai. The Middle East was the perfect location for the infamous Sweetheart Kitchen to be born and thrive.


Sweetheart Kitchen Gives Back

This pandemic has been hard on everyone. It is our pleasure to give back to those who have helped make Sweetheart Kitchen who we are. Over this holiday we have provided over 300 meals to those essential workers who have made it possible to operate amidst a pandemic. We partnered with Horeca Trade, Hotpack, MH Enterprise, Al Rawdah, Coke, and NRTC to help with donations that included biryani, fruit cups, and water.

This is not the first or last time we plan to give back to our community. In April of 2020, we partnered up with Hala Dubai Taxi to give out 500 three-course meals to taxi drivers who were affected by the pandemic. This year has been difficult for everyone. Drivers everywhere are working tirelessly to provide for their families in these harsh conditions.

Customers may not realize the hardships the drivers in our countries are going through to provide warm delicious and safe meals to the community. Long hours, and harsh weather conditions are physically and mentally challenging.

Overall, Sweetheart Kitchen is taking over the Middle East quickly, with plans to expand in the future. With a portfolio of over 21 brands and hundreds of food items, the brand continues to grow, expand, and learn each day. Being one of the top known ghost kitchens in Dubai did not come easily, however. Schatzberg spent lots of time developing the brand and implementing it in Dubai.

There are plans to expand the virtual brand throughout the Middle East as well as some in Asia and possibly even Latin America in the future. Some of the current locations across the UAE include Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi.

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