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Cloud Kitchen means a professional kitchen that has an exclusive presence on websites, mobile apps and online food aggregators platforms, and services brands that are delivery-only restaurants.

A multi-brand virtual kitchen that owns and operates its own brands, under one parent company called Sweetheart Kitchen, or bySWHK. All the brands share a large kitchen space, under one roof. Each brand is cuisine specific and positioned in a way that it caters to different customer needs.

Sweetheart Kitchen owns and operates more than 20 brands across the UAE and Kuwait.

You can find these brands in the Brands page where all of our listed brands are update with proper food delivery links that will allow you to instantly visit our partners.

We’re always promoting food combos that suit your cravings. We offer food discounts, combo deals and even rewards based on online food deliveries.

Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchens act as a central hub for delivering orders. Since these are delivery-only restaurants, the focus is more on ensuring speedy delivery. Delivery orders are fulfilled through a deeply integrated food delivery system, linked to online food aggregator partners and their delivery services.

With a niche focus on improving delivery, bySWHK implements better technology to manage the food deliveries very scientifically. bySWHK uses a Six-Sigma Lean Manufacturing approach to all its processes, and uses data to better understand customers on the basis of their consumption behaviours and cuisine preferences.

We work with the largest platforms in each of the markets we operate. In the UAE, we currently work with Talabat and Zomato, and in Kuwait we with work with Talabat and Carriage.

We are always launching new kitchens. Check with our Delivery Partners to see if we deliver to an area near you. If we currently don’t deliver to your neighborhood, please do let us know.

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