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Cloud Kitchens Lead the Way in Food Delivery Industry

Cloud Kitchens Lead The Way In Food Delivery Industry

Cloud kitchens also known as virtual kitchens are quite popular in a variety of populations such as Dubai. Virtual kitchens are restaurants that do not have a physical dining location. They offer a unique way to receive home food delivery directly to you. Such as in Dubai where Talabat, Zomato, Deliveroo and CafreemNow are extremely popular.

With the growing need for home food delivery services across the world, the need for a variety of restaurants and food items is growing substantially fast. On average, consumers are receiving home food deliveries once a week.

We at Sweetheart Kitchen located in Dubai have a full-service virtual kitchen providing our customers with quality, delicious food in the comfort of their own home. Since Covid-19 indoor dining has been scarce. We are here to provide you with your favorite meals 24/7. We have trained our employees to go through the necessary sanitization precautions to ensure you and your family are safe.

The “future of the food industry” may rely on virtual kitchens. You may be thinking about how it’s possible for a restaurant to survive with no storefront, tables, chairs, and patrons to dine it. Well, it is extremely possible and due to the current cloud kitchen trends such as established chefs, and entrepreneurs seeing the possibilities in these kitchens they are growing tremendously.

Since Covid-19 food delivery in Dubai has seen a dramatic increase. Virtual kitchens in Dubai are here to keep up with this. Further on we will explain the concept of a cloud kitchen, the benefits, and the different trends.

What is a Cloud Kitchen Concept?

A cloud kitchen is a virtual restaurant that serves restaurant-quality food within the comfort of your home. This is made possible by the countless home food delivery applications all around the world and in Dubai.

The trend is continuing to emerge due to the expansion of home food delivery platforms and the growing need for more variety of food and restaurants to keep up with the needs of this.

Why are Cloud Kitchens a Current Trend?

The added benefit of virtual kitchens in Dubai is that the restaurant can be practically anywhere. By being located in a smaller location than traditional restaurants they are saving money on rent. The restaurant as well does not have to worry about being located in a highly populated location that receives a lot of foot traffic since all food will be delivered.

So why is the current trend of cloud kitchens just now becoming so popular? Well, for a lot of reasons. Entrepreneurs and chefs are taking advantage of the low overhead costs that it takes to start a cloud kitchen.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Kitchen?

You will not need to spend extra money decorating and staffing your restaurant. Along with saving money on start-up and operational costs, there are many other benefits such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower start-up costs
  • Approachable lease terms
  • Larger profit margins
  • Expanded menu
  • A larger budget for digital advertising
  • Lower real estate costs

The evolution and expansion of home food delivery and virtual kitchens in Dubai are driven by consumers. Traditional restaurants barely where to see 5-10% of their revenue is driven by online ordering 3-5 years ago. Now almost 30% of restaurant revenue comes from the ability to deliver food to the customers.

Delivery Platforms Create For New Customers

Services such as Talabat or Zomato have such a variety of customer base. By having your menu and restaurant on these platforms it will increase traffic. People are often always looking for a new meal or restaurant to try. Due to Covid-19, this has been difficult.

However, through Sweetheart Kitchen’s delicious and wide variety of food items, we are here to satisfy your cravings directly in our cloud kitchen to your dinner table.

Food Delivery Industry

How are Cloud Kitchens Gaining Popularity so Quickly?

Due to the increased demand for food delivery. The key to a successful business and restaurant is giving the customers what they need and desire most. By offering an all-inclusive menu with a variety of healthy, savory, and even greasy delicious burgers cloud kitchens have a meal for everyone in the family to enjoy at dinner.

According to DoorDash, 72% of customers order food through a third-party service because they do not want to leave their house. This may be even higher since Covid has hit. Many people are immune to compromise and feel uneasy leaving their homes. The convenient and fast ability to order food directly to your door through one’s phone is a major reason that cloud kitchens are taking over the food industry.

Worldwide Public Relations, states. “The global kitchen market was valued at 43.1 billion in 2019, and is estimated to reach 71.4 billion by 2027.” This is a huge margin of profit available for cloud and virtual kitchens. Cloud kitchens can even partner up with brick and mortar restaurants to drive more sales and profits throughout the restaurants.

Cloud Kitchens are Creating More Job Opportunities

In a time like this creating and finding work is difficult. For anyone, especially people in the restaurant business. Cloud kitchens create jobs for third party delivery people by increasing the demand for more drivers that are needed to deliver the food.

It is also increasing the demand for chefs who may be out of work due to their restaurant closing down. There is also room to hire advertising and PR professionals to share the benefits of these virtual kitchens with the world who may not be familiar with them.

Overall, we at Sweetheart Kitchen are here to provide you with food from our cloud kitchen. As cloud kitchens continue to increase in popularity and take over the food delivery service we will be here to grow alongside it.

Because of the rapid rise in food delivery, it is clear that virtual kitchens in Dubai are going to continue to rise and gain popularity.


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