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Our Story

Sweetheart Kitchen

Sweetheart Kitchen is a private label multi brand virtual kitchen that uses advanced cooking techniques, technology backed manufacturing processes, and a LEAN six sigma data driven approach to develop and produces consistently high quality, fresh and tasty delivery only food that can be delivered to customers in a matter of minutes.

We create (and own) all bySWHK brands. We do not work with external restaurants or chefs looking to outsource their delivery volume (even though we are asked to often). This allows us to maintain strict control over our food quality and product development, supply chain and material selection, and the customer experience. If we need something to be fixed, we have the flexibility to do so immediately. We provide you the food you crave, with the quality you trust, and at the speed you deserve – From our kitchen, to you.

Our Overview


100+ Years experience

Our Talent Team

160 Colleagues


124M(4.6 out of 5)

Our Leaders

Peter Schatzberg moved to Dubai in January 2019 with a mission to positively transform the food delivery industry. He wanted to redefine the way customers experience and trust food for delivery, and wanted to build the best delivery service in Dubai that could be replicated across the region, and globally. Peter, who had previously created several food businesses in New York and Europe, had pioneered the virtual kitchen back in 2013, and has made several upgrades to develop his latest creation: Sweetheart Kitchen.

After months of infrastructure development, the company kicked into high gear in September 2019 when the full executive team was formed and the company’s first delivery service was launched in Dubai. This included seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in both corporate and startup settings, including General Electric, Emirates Catering, Moody’s, Nestle, Denton’s and Careem.

Our Pride and Joy

Join Our Journey

Sweetheart Kitchen was designed to eliminate the various bottlenecks and capacity constraints in the food delivery Supply Chain by integrating tech, cuisines and process into a system designed to handle the rigors of food delivery.

We focus process efficiency and reduced lead times and variation of raw material in an effort to not only produce high quality cuisine with great variety but to give the consumer (and our delivery app partners) the ability to reduce estimated delivery times and optimize logistics, and ultimately reduce costs.

In short, we work hard to make sure you get great food, at more affordable prices, and delivered to you very fast.

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